Interactive media is a medium where various kinds of data (like contents, words, pictures, livelinesss, recordings, and so on) are introduced together to the watchers/clients. Sight and sound can likewise allude to electronic media through which data identified with mixed media is put away, put away and utilized. Interactive media shares a ton for all intents and purpose with the blended craft of craftsmanship. “Rich Media” is one more name of intuitive media or sight and sound. Interactive media implies that PC data can be distributed by partner sound, designs, pictures, recordings and livelinesss, just as text. In this way, we should get to be aware of sight and sound.


We as a whole realize that the most famous advanced gadget is turning out to be increasingly more well known as a PC number cruncher. Information handling and correspondence was a significant piece of the PC. This instrument was then generally utilized for composing.

Yet, to accomplish this work, before all else, just a single PC of the PC, in particular, utilized letters. In any case, over the long run PCs have coordinated pictures and words. Also, the PC can do programming. PC mixed media implies an intelligent involvement in a blend of letters, pictures and words. The present mixed media experience is a lot more extravagant than previously. The utilization of mixed media as a gadget isn’t restricted to PCs yet cell phones, cell phones, tablets and other computerized gadgets close to us are currently used to hold and oversee sight and sound.


Direct: Multimedia that is time-subordinate is called straight media. Direct sight and sound rises above time and proceeds ceaselessly. In such mixed media clients don’t get a lot of freedom to control the text, illustrations and so forth For instance sound, video and so forth

Non-direct: Multimedia that isn’t time-subordinate is called non-straight media. Non-direct sight and sound is additionally called discrete media. Non-straight mixed media will in general change in a split second, not intermittently. For example, text or text pictures and so on There are two kinds of non-straight sight and sound

  • Hyper-Media: Hypermedia is mainly used on internet websites. Internet websites offer a huge amount of information so that users can choose a topic according to their needs.
  • Interactive Multimedia: The use of interactive multimedia is the most current. This type of multimedia has maximum control of one user. Any picture, video image or word can be easily controlled as per one’s wish.


Text: All the work of text is now done on computers all over the world. Once done with a typewriter, computers are now being used everywhere from office-court to professional printing.

Images or graphics: All over the world, all the work of creating graphics, editing, etc. is done using a computer. In our country, the use of computers is very limited in the part of fine arts called graphics design, painting, drawing or commercial graphics. But an exceptional area is printing and publishing. The use of computers in the field of graphics design in print publishing began in the nineties. It starts with editing a scanned image with Photoshop. Computers are gradually taking the place of design and graphics.

Video: Some videos are practically a kind of graphics. It’s better to call it running graphics. Video is a well-established media worldwide. Video is widely used in TV, ham video, multimedia software, web etc.

Animation: Animation is also a type of graphics or image, but it can be moving or static, it can be two-dimensional or three-dimensional, the use of animation in our country is becoming increasingly widespread. Animation is a favourite subject, especially in advertising images, but cannot work in animation. Animation is never used as a single medium. It has to do with audio, video, text, graphics, etc.

Sound or audio: The whole world now relies on computers for sound or audio recording, editing, etc. The analogue method in sound engineering is now virtually completely obsolete. You can do a high-quality sound recording with a computer.

Functional MATTERS

Mixed media can be made utilizing different electronic gadgets. For example, mouthpiece, camcorder, speaker, picture altering programming, scanner and so on Sight and sound introductions can be displayed in front of an audience through a projector or with the assistance of a media player at home. Broadcasting is a type of mixed media where a program is communicated locally or live. Broadcast and caught projects can be utilized in both simple and computerized advancements. Advanced web-based mixed media can be downloaded on the web, or even saw straightforwardly on the web. The last strategy is called streaming media. Streaming media can be caught or live.

Mixed media games can be played separately or through systems administration online on the Internet or in neighborhood. Various configurations of sight and sound innovation have been concocted to meet the various requirements of clients. Additionally, media is being utilized in more various ways.

Interactive media CLASS

Interactive media class implies multi-medium class exercises. An alluring media based class takes three things. Text, designs or photographs, and recordings. In such a class, you need to make a slide in PowerPoint with the expansion of text, designs and sound. Normally, 10 to 20 slides are enough for a class. To take a media class, the homeroom should have power, 1 PC, 1 projector and a white screen or divider.
Created states are proceeding with their endeavors to make instructors capable in this field through ICT preparing. The gladly received, presentation, learning results, and so forth showed on the slides while taking this class can’t be displayed in the homeroom. Maybe the illustration should appear from the declaration to the schoolwork.
All participatory showing techniques apply to media classes. Here additionally the instructor will separate the time and talk about with the reading material. Show the necessary pictures and recordings on the screen through the projector. On-screen singles, couples and gathering work questions will be raised. Put the example of the inquiry on the appropriate response slide and show the appropriate response of the understudies toward the finish of each assignment to match their example reply, not ahead of time. Pose all inquiries dependent on information, getting, application and higher abilities. At last, the evaluation inquiry can be posed orally. Schoolwork ought to be featured on a slide as an inventive inquiry. In the following class, the educator will submit it and return it to them by giving the number vital redresses and guidelines. Along these lines, understudies will become capable recorded as a hard copy replies to imaginative inquiries.


At present, the utilization and significance of media are far and wide that it is beyond the realm of possibilities to expect to say such a huge amount in one article. And still, after all that I shared a few things momentarily. Ideally, you’ve gained some new useful knowledge through this article. Thus, in the wake of perusing this article, assuming you have known any new point, share it with your associates and in the event that you additionally know any such subject, remember to remark.

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